Adam’s NEW Glass Cleaner Gallon Review

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Adam's NEW Glass Cleaner Gallon
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Price : $39.95
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Product Feature

  • Eco Friendly
  • Safe on after-market tint
  • Alcohol FREE
  • Easy to use
  • No Streaking

Product Description

Adam's Glass Cleaner We improved what many considered to be the finest glass cleaner available. Adam's All-New Glass Cleaner is not just a better glass cleaner; it's also eco-friendly. Let's face it, none of us like doing windows, but with the right glass cleaner, the job is much easier. Adam's New Glass Cleaner is the right stuff. Plus, it's also eco-friendly! Our all-new Adam's Glass Cleaner contains no harmful or harsh chemicals, including ammonia or alcohol, that damage your car or the environment. Instead, we discovered an ultra-fine polishing agent that gently removes dirt and grime from glass and clear plastic by polishing it away. The final result is a polished finish without streaks or smears Everyone says their glass cleaner doesn't streak or smear, and ours really doesn't. Just mist, wipe and buff for glass and clear plastic so clean it almost seems to disappear! It's so gentle, you can even use it on the most delicate window tint films and navigation displays. Adam's Glass Cleaner even tackles the tough stuff, like the nasty film that builds up on the inside of your windows. It easily polishes away window film buildup with ease. Guaranteed! For best results, use Adam's Glass Cleaner with the Adam's Premium Glass Towel. Our special microfiber fabric is guaranteed to give the best results possible. TIP: All glass cleaners are sensitive to dirty towels. So, if you use a towel that's previously been used for polishing or waxing, remaining product residue is bound to leach out and smear your glass. Dedicated glass towels are your best bet. TIP: Do you have hard to reach areas of glass inside your car? You can stop trying to be a contortionist and make the job easier by laying your towel on the back side of your hand to wipe.

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #435095 in Automotive
  • Brand: Adam's Polishes

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Product Reviews

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5Follow up after contact with Adams
By Gafry Pfahler
Excellent product, It is very important that you use the proper towels. Adams makes a silk window towel that works great If your a perfectionist and want the cleanest window possible you MUST use these towels. I had used new micro fibre towels in the past and they do not work as well. (leave streaks) Customer support from Adams is the best. They are not satisfied with a "good " review and contacted me. The representative sent me over 45 bucks of towels and more window cleaner. The towels they provided do work better than any others I have tried.

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5Great Stuff
By Marvin M.
I bought a small bottle of this glass cleaner for my car, and was so impressed by it that I went out and got the one gallon size. Much less expensive than buying it in the smaller size. My neighbor saw me using it and tried it on his car, and then he too went out and bought a gallon.

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5The have kept all my vehicles looking great. My wife bouht me some replacement product for ...
By Brian&Virginia
I have been using Adams products for over 10 years. The have kept all my vehicles looking great. My wife bouht me some replacement product for christmas and it included the new glass cleaner. This stuff ROCKS! I had to order the full gallon.