OriGlam Small and Portable Mini DC5V USB Humidifier / Diffuser with Mini Water Tank Suitable for Office or Computer Desks

OriGlam Small and Portable Mini DC5V USB Humidifier / Diffuser with Mini Water Tank Suitable for Office or Computer Desks

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Price : $17.99
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Product Feature

  • MHZ atomization chip, spray pure water without white powder phenomenon. Atomizing chip is specially designed, corrosion resistance, acid-proof, alkali resistance.
  • Lightly touch switch key can immediately acquire delightfully fresh air and moisten the space that you wish.
  • You can put the machine into any container you want or the attached mini water tank. Convenient to carry, let the moist air be with you everywhere.
  • This mini diffuser is using micro porous penetrate the atomized water to achieve the purpose of foggy humidification environment.
  • The maximum diameter is 4 centimeters, length is 16cm, product weight is 2.1oz. Small size and light weight, you can carry it out when go travelling.

Product Description

Operation Guide:
- Connect the USB cable to a power adapter, and then plug it in. Or insert the USB cable directly to USB port of the computer.
- Fill water container prepared or water tank attached with water. Put the humidifier into it, then lightly press button, it gets into working status.
- The new machine may have no mist for around 3 minutes which is normal. Wait for cotton stick absorbing water fully, and then it will start working.
- Press the button once again to stop humidifying. The machine is in standby condition and light will flash until pulls out the plug.
- The voltage the machine uses is DC 5V, use suitable power adapter.
- Use pure water. Essential oils can not be added to the water; otherwise the machine will be damaged because of the particularity of atomization chip.
- Don't use sharp object to touch atomization chip to avoid from damage.
- Pay attention to the cleaning maintenance. (More cleaning details to see user manual)
- Try to drip a drop of water on the atomization chip and then absorb it with a tissue if there's no mist.
What's In The Box:
1 x Mini Humidifier
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Mini Water Tank
After Sales Service: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 12 Months Warranty!

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #62317 in Baby Product
  • Color: white
  • Brand: OriGlam
  • Dimensions: 1.57" h x 1.57" w x 6.30" l, .13 pounds

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Get OriGlam Small and Portable Mini DC5V USB Humidifier / Diffuser with Mini Water Tank Suitable for Office or Computer Desks

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Product Reviews

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5Looks Great & Works Perfectly - I Love This!!!
By Katrina Stokes
This is my second humidifier stick (the first one was from a competitor company). I love both of them but this one is my favorite because the filter is much nicer and better made. I have had issues with the filters in the other one – sometimes they are too tight to allow moisture to come through correctly and sometimes they are too loose and create way too much of a mist. This particular unit doesn’t have that issue at all – I tested both of the included filters and both of them work without any issues at all and allow this humidifier stick to mist exactly as I want them to – not too much mist and not too little either.

This stick comes with its own cup but you can use it in water bottles, vases, cups or anything similar too if you prefer to. I love the little cup it comes with and plan to continue to use it in that. It looks really nice.

This is powered by a USB charging cord. You can plug that cord into anything that takes a USB cord (computer, some tablets, some cars, some couches, etc). Some houses have wall outlets that have ports for USB’s in them but I think the vast majority of us do not have that ability quite yet. If you are really wanting to plug this into a wall outlet, you can purchase a USB wall charger for practically nothing…and you can do the same with a charger that goes into the cigarette socket of your vehicle – they cost max of three dollars and many times I see them for less than a dollar.

This humidifier stick puts off nice mist, is really easy to use and is really convenient in many places – you can use it in your home, in your car, in your office, in hotel rooms – pretty much anywhere. I’m quite happy with this!!!

Full Disclosure: I was blessed to receive this item for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My words and the rating I provided are my own and are based on my own personal experience with this item.

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5A convenient, easy-to-carry or stash, personal humidifier: For your immediate area only.
By I Do The Speed Limit
This little stick humidifier works with a USB cable. So you can run it off your computer's power or with a wall outlet power adapter. It is suited for water only--you can't add aromatherapy oils. So, it is designed to provide some moisture in your immediate area. Great for your cubicle at work!

You can use it with the plastic cup that comes in the same package. The cup has a narrow opening at the top, which allows the stick humidifier to stand up straight. But the humidifier will work in any glass or vase that will hold water.

It is a simple thing: In its long stem is a cotton wick about the width of a pencil. Water is sucked up through that cotton wick and into the top "bulb" where the water works with an atomizing chip to vaporize into the air. Every month you are advised to wring out the cotton wick and let it dry out before using again. It comes with an extra wick, so you can still use the humidifier while one wick is drying.

It has a band of either red or blue LED light. Little instruction manual is in very poor English, but common sense and a little reading between the lines will get you going almost immediately.

*I received a sample product from OriGlam.

It will work in a vehicle, too. Anywhere you can plug in a USB cable. Nice convenience!

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3Read product details carefully.
By Prdsepop2
I saw the word diffuser and figured aroma therapy...but it's just for water. I am so disappointed! It's my fault for not reading the info carefully. The info doesn't say anywhere 'not for essential oils', unless I missed that into too!