Ecofan Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan, GOLD ,175 CFM


Ecofan Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan, GOLD ,175 CFM

List Price : $170.00
Price : $118.99
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Product Feature

  • Highest Performance Ecofan.
  • Creates Its Own Electricity.
  • Circulates Warm Air Throughout Room.
  • Greater Airflow and Velocity At Lower Stove Temperatures.
  • High Efficiency Blade Design.

Product Description

Get more out of the heat your stove already makes! Energy smart Ecofan Airmax Stove Fan, PRICED LESS! Energy bill too high? This Ecofan Stove Fan generates power from an existing heat source to recirculate air through any area... no electricity needed. Just place it on top of your stove and start saving! Anodized extruded aluminum, with bi-metal strip in base to measure heat level; Ultra-quiet Fan automatically adjusts speed to your stove's temperature, gradually shuts down as stove contents burn; Generates up to 175 C.F.M.; Operates on a wide range of heat sources, using surface temperatures of 150-650 degrees F; temps above 650 degrees F will damage Ecofan. Use of stove thermometer recommended. 6 x 4 x 9 3/4"h., 1 lb., 8 ozs.; State Color. Order your Fan today! Ecofan Heat-powered Wood Stove Fan

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #36606 in Home
  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: ECOFAN
  • Model: 812AMBBX
  • Dimensions: 9.75" h x 4.75" w x 3.25" l, .78 pounds

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Product Reviews

51 of 54 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent product
By Laila Gordon
I just this week had to replace my 12 YR old EcoFan. Living in Maine I burn 4-5 cords of wood each yr, so my woodstove and fan get quite a workout. The fan is an excellent product for moving hot air from the stove directly into the room at a rapid rate. No break (OR electricity) required! Frankly, I was lost the few days I was without my fan because it really makes a huge difference. If I got 12 solid years without any problems, I consider that a good value! (My old fan was just plain worn out). BTW - this is the first review I've ever written. This poduct is well worth every cent and taking a few minutes to let others know it's value is a pleasure. You will NOT be disappointed:)

73 of 81 people found the following review helpful.
1Worked for only a day . . .
By Driftwood52
I bought my fan in January 2012, and it shipped from Hardware Sales. The fan worked fine out of the box. It warmed up and started spinning in a matter of minutes. It only took a few more minutes for me to notice the difference it makes. The fan is virtually silent, and it does not produce any noticeable air movement (you have to put your hand rather close to it to feel the air move) but it works! I've been having trouble with very cold corners of my house, but this fan really spreads the heat out. It should pay for itself pretty quickly as I will be able to turn off supplemental electric heat in various rooms.

The down side:

My fan worked for less than 24 hours. It slowed way down, though the stove temperature was still hot enough to be powering the fan. Confused, I checked Caframo's website and found a question about slowing down on the FAQ page. It asks you to enter your model, and if you select 812 AirMax (this model) it then asks for the serial number to your fan. I entered my number and a page popped up saying that this particular fan was part of a bad production run and that it needed a replacement motor. It asks for address info and then confirms that they will send a replacement motor free of charge. They have a video on their website to show how to replace it (simple task).

So. . . if the product had worked properly, I would have given it 5 stars. Since Caframo seems to acknowledge the problem and makes it easy to remedy, I'm willing to give it another shot. Until it's up and working though, I have t give it 1 star.

What's a little bit irritating is that they know which ones are problematic, but that did not stop it from arriving at my doorstep. With more organization, I would think they could make an effort to recall the product from their distributors and replace them before they get into the hands of customers. In the meantime, I'll be paying for heat for a few more days.

In addition, Caframo should have informed me of the defect when I registered the product online (which meant entering the serial number).

I am glad I checked their website, otherwise I would have just thought it was poorly designed and that I had wasted $130. I feel bad for customers who might not check up on it and are stuck with a poorly working fan.

I'll update my review once the problem is fixed.

32 of 33 people found the following review helpful.
5Excellent fan for any warm stowe
By G. Ek
This fan actually does work really well but only if you keep your stove reasonably warm. When in the "burn zone" at 400F and up this little fan moves air big time! It will start spinning at lower temperatures but the action starts when the stove is as warm as it should be, at 600F it spins so fast that we can slice bread and whip cream with it 😉