Quality Hand Dusting Mitt and Car Wash Glove, Bright Purple Review

Quality Hand Dusting Mitt and Car Wash Glove, Bright Purple

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Product Feature

  • Snug fit hand mitt for dusting, Washing, Scrubbing Polishing or Buffing
  • Washable so you can clean it in your washing machine
  • Unique technology and material that truly attracts dirt and dust while cleaning
  • Soft touch to protect your valuables
  • Perfect for all household, office or automobile cleaning projects

Product Description

Gateway Cleaners presents this uniquely designed hand mitt for all your household or office cleaning projects. This incredible mitt will attract dust and dirt through its unique design to provide the best dusting or cleaning experience. You will be able to clean your blinds ad ceiling fans with ease. Wiping down walls and doors have never been easier with this glove. Washing the car can be fun for the whole family when purchasing multiple gloves. This is the perfect size of glove for all ages. The snug fit will allow you to maneuver the the details of whatever you are cleaning for the most efficient cleaning experience. Whether you are scrubbing, dusting or washing you will enjoy doing it with Gateway Cleaners new hand mitt.

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #491227 in Health and Beauty
  • Color: Bright Purple
  • Brand: Gateway Cleaners

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Get Quality Hand Dusting Mitt and Car Wash Glove, Bright Purple

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Product Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
5I love this dusting mitt
By Kim
I love this dusting mitt. It works as advertised and is a handy item to have. I especially like it for dusting around my computer area, as I can get a quick, clean sweep from desktop, monitor and computer itself.

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4Great for cleaning and dusting! Glove is kind of small though, barely fit my hand. 🙁
By Jeanette
This is a tiny hand dusting mitt/car wash glove compared to the traditional ones you see in the car department at Walmart or Target. This one barely fits my hand and it's tight where the wrist band is. Definitely not really comfortable for long term use. Since this glove is tiny, I definitely wouldn't recommend using this to wash your car with it. This glove would be perfect for children if you like them to help you to wash your car. Since I'm not using this glove to wash my car, I'll definitely put it to good use by using it to clean my electronics or household items around the house. This product is great for wiping dust off a computer or tv screen. If you use this product wet, the dust will stay on the mitt which is great because who likes dust flying everywhere? There's 2 different sides to the glove so you can use it to shine, polish, and buff for one side and the other side for general cleaning or dusting. This is a great product at an affordable price. You can't really go wrong with this. The only thing that I would say that can be improved will be the sizing of the mitt. I ordered this product in a bright blue color and the color is vibrant and gorgeous. It also comes in other great colors to choose from. The possibilities of how you use this product are endless! I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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5When I put it on my hand I have to have my hand slightly to one side for it to fit on my hand comfortably. However
By JustMyThoughts
This Hand Dusting and Car Washing gloves is a little smaller than expected. When I put it on my hand I have to have my hand slightly to one side for it to fit on my hand comfortably. However, I prefer doing that over having a dirty rag on my hand and missing nooks and crannies.

This hand dusting mitt works wonders at collecting dust. I use this mit to get the dust off of my wooden furniture that decorates my home. This mitt allows me to get the dust out of every nook without causing myself to have an allergy attack. When using this mitt to dust unlike using my feather duster the dust does not get thrown in the air. This mitt traps the glove and allows you to dust in peace. That is a huge plus for me.

I use this mitt to also polish my wooden furniture. Since the mitt is microfiber it absorbs the polish so a little goes a very long way. This dusting mitt has been a God send and even though it's a little small it definitely makes up for it with how much easier it has made cleaning my wooden furniture.

5/5 Star Rating.

I purchased at a promotional price for the sole purpose of this unbiased review.