Natural Chamois Skin Review


Natural Chamois Skin

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Product Feature

  • All natural, genuine chamois skin
  • Tanned like they were in the old days
  • The shape will vary, however surface will be 6 sq ft
  • Example size would be aprox. 2 ft x 3 ft

Product Description

Natural chamois skin. Oil tanned to provide durability. Wet the skin to prime the material, wring dry and it is ready to use! When the skin gets too wet, rinse, ring out and your back in business. We continue to try to find some of the best chamois skins on the planet. This skin is far superior to what you will see in the stores.

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #9876 in Single Detail Page Misc
  • Brand: Detroit Sponge
  • Model: c-600

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Product Reviews

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By sohc40
My complaint is not with the product, which is of high quality. It is with the marketing of the product. The label on my Tanner's Select Natuael Chamois stated 6.5 sq ft as the size. This was on a sticker pasted over the printed label listing 6.0 sq ft as the size. The basically triangular shaped chamois was approximately 42 inches along the base and 34 inches at its highest point. One half the base times the height is 714 sq inches which converts to 4.9 sq feet. I could not open their web page, [...], so I decided to vent here. Thank you.

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5great product!!!!
By Car Washer
Im new to the car washing idea but owning a new black BMW has made me very conscious of those swirls your new car will get when washed and dried with regular hand towels. This hands down does an excellent job washing and drying. I love it!

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5Can't beat the "real deal"
By J. Eugster
For most of my 6 decades I've been a car guy and used genuine chamois to dry my cars. In the past couple of years it has become hard to find a genuine, quality chamois so I've tried several of the synthetic ones --- no matter what their claims are they just don't dry as well and streak free as this chamois does. Highly recommended.