Custom Shop Heavy Duty 6″ Variable Speed Random Orbital Polisher with 6-Pad Set Review

Custom Shop Heavy Duty 6

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Product Feature

  • Includes Professional DA Pad kit with 5 Smooth Foam & 1 Wool Grip Pad
  • Detailing System includes TCP Global's Premium High Performance Waffle Foam and Wool Pads
  • Polish the Full Spectrum of Coatings!
  • Cut and Buff the most difficult oxidized automotive coatings, hardest clear coats
  • Bring out the highest level showcar of shine with the ultra-smooth finishing polish pads.

Product Description

High Performance Professional Dual-Action Polisher that includes a Dual-Action Grip Backing Plate. The Professional DA Pad kit includes 5 Smooth Foam & 1 Wool Grip Pads - Random Orbit Polisher that Promotes Swirl-Free Finishes - High Performance 6 Amp Motor - Interchangable D-Handle and Side Handle - 6" Polishing or Sanding Grip Backing Plate - Variable Speed Dial Control from 2000 to 6800 OPM Polisher Specifications: - Power: 710 Watts; Voltage: 110-120v/60hz.; Current: 6 Amps - Variable Speed: 2,000 to 6,800 OPM (Orbits Per Minute) - Backing Plate: 6" Grip pad with 5/16" - 24 Spindle Treads - Dimensions: 7.5" H x 7" W x 14" L; Weight: 6.2 lbs (2.8kg) - Electric Cord: 10 ft; Certificate: CE - 1 Year Factory Warranty
The Professional DA Pad kit includes 5 Smooth Foam & 1 Wool Grip Pads - Foam DA Polish Pads contain a grip attachment and are made with durable open cell foam which improves airflow - BLACK 6.5" Extra Fine Foam DA Polish Pad: Ultra smooth finishing pad; Provides a rich swirl-free high gloss finish - GREEN 6.5" Fine Foam DA Polish Pad: Final cut, polish and finishing pad; Provides a rich swirl-free high gloss finish - BLUE 6.5" Medium Foam DA Polish Pad: Light cut and polishing pad; Final cutting, polishing or glazing clear coat surfaces - ORANGE 6.5" Coarse Foam DA Polish Pad: Standard grade cutting pad; Buffs the average car finish. Cuts surface orange peel; Color sanding scratches - RED 6.5" Extra Coarse Foam DA Polish Pad: Heavy aggressive cutting pad; Buff oxidized paint, orange peel, deep scratches and Color sanding scratches - WOOL 6.5" Fine Wool DA Polishing Pad: Ultra smooth finishing pad; Provides a rich swirl-free high gloss finish

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #73878 in Automotive
  • Brand: Custom Shop
  • Model: P3000-6DA-FF
  • Dimensions: 7.50 pounds

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Product Reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
1Spend some more money or go to Harbor Freight.
By Mrneg9
Well I was hesitant to purchase this tool as there are no reviews. Went a head and bought it any way. When it arrived the company only sent the polisher and forgot to send me the 6 piece buffing pad set. I opened the box and the u shaped handle was defective. Its made out of real light weight cheap plastic. I guess if you were to use it the straight handle would hold up better.For its size the polisher is heavy. I plugged it in and it was very noisy running. Sent it back and ended up the next day going to Harbor freight and buying almost the same product but I would say a little nicer for $49.00. I wouldn't recommend this one for the price. The other guy that post a review right before me I suspect might work for tcp global.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
5Wax On Wax Off has Never Been Easier
By Jaxsology
Being a secret car enthusiast I love to keep my cars looking nice, clean and showroom shiny. I've always heard about orbital polishers, but I've been afraid to try them because if they are not used properly, they can destroy the paint finish on a vehicle. I had the awesome opportunity to try this orbital polisher at a deeply discounted rate, so I figured why not! This is the perfect time to try one out. I received the 6 inch variable speed orbit random orbital polisher from TCP global and they sent me six different polishing pads which are normally sold separate so that was a major bonus!

Waxing cars is one of the least favorite chores when it comes to car care but it has to be done in order to protect the finish of the vehicle. I try to do it at least once a year and the random orbit polisher is going to make this easier than ever!

I love that the pads are Velcro based so you don't have to worry about using any kind of screws, nuts ,chucks or bonnets. Most buffer heads are elastic that you pull onto the polisher and tighten with the string but even this one applies with the Velcro backing and the backing is very strong.

Following the instructions not to use any pressure while applying wax or buffing the wax off, I applied 2 tablespoons of wax to the pad. I installed the side handle as opposed to the included D handle, simply to make it easier for a beginner such as myself. I did have to go online to to find out which pads are actually used for which process which did not take too much time, but it would've been great if the instructions were included within the box. Honestly I'm still not sure if I used the right pads but they worked for me so I'm sticking with it.

This random orbit polisher has a 6 inch head and it also has six different opm settings from 2000 to 6800 OPM - labeled 1 to 6. It is suggested when applying wax and polishing to use any setting between one and three. The on switch is located by your right hand thumb which makes it easy to turn on. The on switch can also be placed in the locked position which prevents thumb fatigue.

I found the polisher very easy to use and it really did a great job of applying the wax which took about two-thirds less time than it would if I applied it by hand. There is a slight learning curve for me, figuring out which head is best for which application, and which speed works best to bring the car to a high luster shine, but I can say my first time out it was very successful.

Ease of use
Velcro backed pads for easy removal and replacement
No extra tools needed
Side and D-style handles included

Directions not detailed for pad usage.
Pads not included
Overall I would recommend this product.

* I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for an honest review.*
If you found my review fun and/or informative, please let me know. I’d love to hear your feedback. I do enjoy reviewing products and helping anyone and everyone make an informed choice when purchasing. I always read user reviews when I am making purchases, and most times they lead me in the right direction. My reviews are always 100% my opinion regardless of whether I receive a product for free, discounted or paid in full. I disclose this always, because I value my reviews and most important my readers. You can always check out my full reviews at - Now go Shopping!

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5Well made and Easy to Use!! A++
By renee i dixon
So, this is my first experience using a "polisher" ever. I had always been told that "if you are not careful you will damage the paint on your vehicle". I was given the opportunity to receive this one at a heavy discount in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. It also came with 6 pads included and all the little tools needed to place the handles. One handle is curved and the other is straight. I used the curved one. It was simple to attach. I had a little trouble with the directions. If you can not tell - I am a female and when it comes to tools I HAVE to read the instructions. I like to make sure I am doing it the correct way. That being said, the instructions that came with this leave a little to be desired. Anyway, I used the green foam pad and put about two tablespoons of wax on it. I turned it on and the wax flew everywhere.. I should have either pushed the wax on the pad or held it close to the car. I will know the next time. So, after I got the speed adjusted and I got the hang of it, everything went well. I had a couple of places on my car that were like scuffs/scratches that I polished and they came right out!! You can not even see where they were. I think after I use it a couple more times I will get better and more confident. One of the pads is for wood, I am going to try it next. All in all the polisher is nicely made. It is not too loud. It is a little heavy, but since I have never used one before I don't have another one to compare that with. The velcro that the pads attach to is durable and they stay attached well. I would recommend this sander/polisher. One last thing the customer service I received was excellent!! I wish all customer service would be so nice and helpful! A+++