7 Sq. Foot Water Sprite Synthetic Drying Cloth Review


7 Sq. Foot Water Sprite Synthetic Drying Cloth

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SM ARNOLDS WATER SPRITE is an exclusive, proven, PVA material that gently cleans, and dries, fine finished surfaces. WATER SPRITE actually absorbs dirt and grime away from the surface, leaving it clean and dry. It is not affected by mildew, bacteria, or common household chemicals. It is used in place of a sponge or towel, and when wet, can be used immediately upon removal from its package.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5Best product for drying a car I've ever used, HANDS DOWN!
By Rebecca
Absolutely THE BEST cloth of any kind you will every buy to dry/shine your car after washing it! It soaks up every drop of water, leaving a high shine (unless your car finish is dead - lol). I've used these for years and when my mom threw mine away (say WHAT?) I went into a panic until I found them on amazon. My local stores no longer sell them. I just cannot say enough good about this cloth.

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3does ok job not what I expected though.
By Steve Jensen
doesn't do as good of job as expected,it left alot of smears on paint. no better than any other chamois that I've tried

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2Not as effective as smaller Water Sprite cloths
By Numbers Guy
I have bought several Water Sprite drying cloths, all considerably smaller than this one. I assumed this one would be of similar material, but it isn't. Material is of a rubbery material that doesn't dry as effectively as smaller Water Sprite cloths, which "pill up" and become more absorbent after a few uses. This rubbery texture is similar to cheaper products you can buy at Wal Mart and other auto supply houses. Does reasonable job of holding water, but won't get the surface as dry as better quality smaller Water Sprite products