16″ Wire Wheel Brush Review



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Product Feature

  • Designed for reaching between spokes and around rims to remove baked on brake dust
  • Cone-shaped brushes

Product Description

The 16" Wire Wheel Brush is intended for larger slot openings allowing more wheel surface to be cleaned with each stroke.

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #198903 in Automotive
  • Brand: Magnolia Brush

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Product Reviews

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5Perfect for wide rims
By Dan M. Beadle
I started cleaning my Corvette rims with a rag and a spray bottle. These rims are about 12" wide. It is really tough to get the inside of the rim. The result was a mess - brake dust and dirt splotches.

This bursh is designed to work around the brake calipers and reach in to scrub the entire rim at once. I quickly did all for rims. I rotated the tires 1/2 turn - expecting to see areas I missed. Nope. One pass did it.

This tool makes wheel treatment much, much faster.

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5Worth the purchase price! Strong and durable
Initially thought it would be skinnier brush based off the picture.

Its slightly thicker brush with nice quality bristles.

At first, I thought the bristles seem too rough for nice wheels. However, they actually are just right when dipped in water and car soap. The bristles on this brush is very flexible and when you clean the spokes of each wheel, it can go further and deeper in the wheel, cleaning the inner wheel. Also the brush holds a lot of the soap/water.

This brush by far has been one of the easiest and quickest way to clean multi-spoke wheels.

The good and bad lies in that the brush is wrapped around this metal bar in the middle. The tip of the brush you'll see the metal. So if you are trying to use the tip of the brush to clean an odd shape of the wheel, you're actually making contact with the metal bar. Thats the only bad part. The good part is that it looks like the brush will stay in place for a longer time. Other brushes tend to be plastic in the middle or wood and it breaks off easily after a few washing of wheels.

The wooden handle is also very sturdy and thicker than the picture.

I'm very happy with this brush. It definitely is quality. I haven't seen any bristles come off this brush either.

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5The Best Wheel Brush!
By Evan Goldenberg
I have been detailing cars for years and I have found this brush to be invaluable for cleaning tight multi-spoke wheels. Wrap the wood handle in electrical tape befor it cracks and falls off! Keep one extra on hand for when you wear out your current brush because that's how much you will use it!! EG