Weber Genesis 6670001 S-330 Stainless-Steel 637-Square-Inch 38,000-BTU Natural-Gas Grill

Weber Genesis 6670001 S-330 Stainless-Steel 637-Square-Inch 38,000-BTU Natural-Gas Grill

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Product Feature

  • The Weber Genesis S-330 grill has a front mounted control panel with 3 stainlesS-steel burners, and individual electronic ignition system
  • Capacity is 507-squarE-inches primary cooking area and 130-squarE-inches warming rack for 637 squarE-inches total cooking area
  • Comes with porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars; heat deflectors and six tool hooks; 2 heavy-duty front locking and back swivel casters
  • Includes stainless steel cooking grates, shroud with a center-mounted thermometer, enclosed cart with painted steel doors, stainlesS-steel handles
  • Measures 30-inches in depth by 64.5-inches in height (with the lid open) by 60-inches in width; 38000 BTU per hour input.

Product Description

38,000 BTU per hour input main burners, 12,000 BTU per hour input flush mounted side burner and 10,000 BTU per hour input Sear Station burner. 2 stainless steel work surfaces. 507 sq. in. primary cooking area, 130 sq. in. warming rack area, 637 sq. in. total cooking area. 7mm diameter stainless steel cooking grates. 3 stainless steel burners. Stainless steel flavorizer bars. Individual electronic ignition system. Individual electronic ignition system. Stainless steel shroud with a center mounted thermomete. Porcelain enameled heat deflectors. Six tool hooks. Two heavy duty front locking swivel casters and two heavy duty back swivel casters. Owner's Guide and Recipes booklet. Compatible with Genesis Island Cabinets Sold Separately (642.8445, 852.8556). Dim

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #21852 in Lawn & Patio
  • Size: 30" Lx 64.50" H x 60" W
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Weber
  • Model: 6670001
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 64.50" h x 60.00" w x 30.00" l,

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Get Weber Genesis 6670001 S-330 Stainless-Steel 637-Square-Inch 38,000-BTU Natural-Gas Grill

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Product Reviews

226 of 232 people found the following review helpful.
5Great Quality worth the extra price
By el tigre
Great grill!!! Overall there are quite a few choices when picking a weber grill. 1st things 1st, if you are debating between another grill and a weber genesis - stop. Don't spend your hard earned money on the cheap grills that lack quality but offer extra features. I fell for that too, bought a $700 Perfect flame grill from Lowes two years later it burned up, and the company wouldn't do a thing about it. Weber grills typically last 10-20 years, mind you after 5 years you may need to get some parts, but nothing last forever, not even SS burners. NOW for the details. There is the E-310, E-320 and E-330 models, all come in stainless like mine, but to be honest I wouldn't have paid the extra for it if they had a black one in stock. Now for features. If you don't need a side burner - get the 310. I need the side burner for bacon in the morning, because I hate smelling bacon all day in my house. Now the E-320 and E-330, all you really get with the 330 is a sear burner(just an extra burner) Is it worth the 50 bucks? That is in the eye of the beholder. It does heat up faster and is nice for searing, besides your already spending 750 whats an extra 50(mine was 950 for the stainless, definately not worth the extra 150 especially since the enamel doesn't scratch easy - go ahead and take out your keys and try it on a floor model, very impressive). Overall, I am very satisfied with the grill. Constuction is way better than any other grill I have seen for the price(I built mine myself and it went together well). Only thing I would change is the plastic washers on the cart, which I will replace tomorrow(plasi-dip some metal washers). Grill preheats in less than 5 mins at 50 deg F, that was to 550. Basically, it looks nice, cooks well, and will last a long time!!!

129 of 135 people found the following review helpful.
3High quality construction but has rough edges
By John Salazar
Just assembled mine today and it wasn't too bad.

First off don't waste your time using the little cheap wrench they send with the unit an 11mm socket wrench makes it go much faster.

This is my 4th grill in the last 15 years. Seems like the units you pick up at the big box stores for $500 just aren't made to last. The last two grills I had I picked up at Sam's club. They sure looked impressive with their stainless steel panels and 6 burners but the problems were countless wheels that broke off, the main tub rusted out the bottom on one. Other issues with the Sam's unit were that IF parts were available the cost of the parts just made the unit not worth fixing.

So I put off buying a Weber for years always said they were too expensive and if your just looking at them sitting next to a Char broil that costs half as much a novice might not see the difference, but here's what impressed me.

1. HUGE casters, These things are 4" round and are not the cheap plastic ones you find on other grills they have like a neoprene outer part that makes them roll nicely. PLUS all 4 casters spin. (front ones lock)

2. The tub not cheap thin steel CAST ALUMINUM very nice!

3. Main frame. I was impressed by how thick the steel was much higher quality than my previous Members Mark (Sam's) units

4. Double wall construction. The top and doors all have outer and inner skin. That ensures that your top won't discolor as much with the heat.

5. The grates. What can i say the stainless steel grates are GREAT! I had a Char Broil that I bought from Lowes that looked like it had tube grates but in fact they were U shaped stainless steel pcs. that were held together in a frame. they worked ok untill I dropped one cleaning it and it fell apart into 40 pcs. It took me over an hour to get that grate back together. That will NEVER be an issue here stainless steel bars all welded together. I'm sure you could just pop them in the dishwasher to keep them clean.

6. The grease tray. If you haven't seen whats under the cooking area you should. First off the main tray is porcelain coated so grease won't stick to it. The grease drips from thee into this little tub that's easily removable from the front. And even better yet Weber throws in 2 aluminum trays that are disposable. They look like the inexpensive aluminum baking trays you get at grocery stores. What could be better if you don't want to remove and clean the metal tray just buy the cheap aluminum inserts and throw them away when they are full.

7. Hood Hinges. On 2 of my previous grills the hood would no longer stay upright the cheap metal that was supposed to stop the lid from falling backwards just bent. That will not be a problem here, cast aluminum hinge assemblies very thick, very nice.

8. The nuts and bolts. I was also impressed by the hardware it was color coded (grey or black) and Weber uses plastic washers in between metal parts. This shows an attention to detail that other manufacturers just are not willing to spend money on.

Now the things I don't like.

1. Chrome trim. In my experience Chrome trim + Chicago weather just don't do well together long term. There is chrome trim on the top sides of the lid, the doors have chrome trim around them as well and of course the handles are chrome.

2. Fit & finish the chrome trim around the front doors has VERY sharp edges. (This is an excellent spot for rust to start in as well) Some of the exposed edges of the cast tub have some sharp edges to them.

3. Assembly. Wasn't terrible but I think they should have shipped it in a larger box and had the whole center (stand, tub and lid) pee-assembled. Some of the screws seems a bit out of alignment but nothing an extra helper couldn't help force into place.

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase I paid $829 for mine from rainbow appliance with free shipping I think it was a great deal.

I do have some thoughts about the one or two people who did not rate this very well. First off this was the first owners manual I read. And to tell you the truth I was shocked at some of the things they tell you to do. For instance preheat the grill for 15 minutes. Personally I don't think i ever gave my grill more than 5 minutes before slapping down a chunk of beef. I don't think the "average" grill owner knows how to properly grill. Heck I've had 4 grills and I now know that I personally was "clueless" to the art of grilling.


I took 2 stars off because weber tech support pot me through 2 months of hell with this.

At 4 months old the grill started giving me trouble getting it started. I called their 800 number and they told me to turn the gas on wait 2 minutes and then start it. And that worked a few times but every week it got harder and harder to start and every week they would have me do something else.

Then they started with the "your turning the gas on too fast" and some other BS like I don't know how to start a grill (after all its only my 4th propane grill)

well after 2 months and about 6 calls they finally decided to send me a new regulator and that fixed the problem. My complaint is why didn't they offer the regulator after the second or third call. 2 months of hell spending 5-10 minutes each time I wanted to start this.

If I had known that a regulator would have fixed the problem I would have PAID for one. and for their customer service to tell you that you are turning the gas on too fast is just ridiculous.

82 of 87 people found the following review helpful.
5Worth the Money
By Dave
After several years my old cheap Charbroil grill was on its last legs. I love to grill and I live in New England and I am the guy who shovels a path to his grill after a snowstorm. A few years ago I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain was very impressed at the quality. Thick gauge steel, very well designed, and easy to use. So when I decided to get a new grill I knew it would be a Weber and I wanted something that would last me 10 years plus. I would rather spend more money now than to rebuy something new a few years later. This lead me to the Genesis S330. I wanted stainless because more to avoid rot than for the aesthetics (it is a good looking grill) and I needed one with a side burner. I have a glass-top electric stove in my kitchen and the side burner will let me use my cast iron pans for certain recipes. Plus I can cook beans at cookouts, corn on the cob, lobster, etc. without going back and forth to the kitchen.

It was extremely well packaged, read the instructions when you unpack it because it also tells you where each part is in the box so it is easier to put together. Its also heavy, in the range of 180 pounds, and I was alone when it arrived. So I skipped that step and took the pieces out into the backyard bit by bit. It took me longer to put together but my back was much happier. Assembly took about 3 hours with me taking my time to make sure I put it together right. A few parts are easy to install backwards so retrace your steps if something isn't fitting right.

Cooking on the grill is nothing short of amazing. It heats up fast and the sear station is excellent. I cooked filet mignon to the perfect medium rare by turning on all burners and using the sear station to high. Put the steak over the sear station and cook for1 1/2 minutes, rotate 90 degrees (for diamond grill marks), cook for 1 1/2 minutes, flip and sear for an additional 3 minutes. Next turn off the sear station and middle burner, move the steak to the center of the grill and cook for an additional 3 minutes (indirect heat.) Rest for 5 minutes. It had an awesome crust, great texture, nice and juicy. Better than what I can get at most restaurants.

If you are thinking about spending the money on a good grill I would go with the Genesis 330. If money is an issue check out Weber's Spirit line. Either way you really can't go wrong with a Weber product.